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Sultry Shelley is better known for sitting on her behind than wiggling it in a provocative manner. However, fiction writing is all about imagination. After all, no one thinks Thomas Harris was actually a cannibal when writing the Silence of the Lambs, do they? After living an interesting life of travel, teaching and writing, Shelley returned to the UK to earn a crust in Surrey. She is hoping to cash in on the recent erotica success of others and escape while she still has the energy to do so.

Juicy has touched and been touched by greatness and must therefore remain anonymous. A writer who won her pseudonym by researching the juicy bits in nearly fifty countries on six continents, she is now exhausted, proud and frustrated by an insular community that would not embrace CornPorn, except between the cheetah sheets.

Tantalizing Tits was born and raised in Kenya and runs a hostel which occasionally caters to foreign laydies seeking the real version of George. Having had her fill of sex-excess, she repeatedly tells the Foreplayers, 'No dribbley bits from me!'

Luscious Lorraine is known for trekking across the Libyan Desert with 200 camels, and a jaunt across South America accompanied by two mutts. But common themes exist between her other books and this erotic novel: exotic locations, animals and Land Rovers! Luscious is the only Foreplayer who's met the other authors.


Illustrations by Simon Roberts


Illustrations by Simon Roberts


Samantha, tired of New York society's social constraints, hopes to find a 'real' man in the African bush. George, wonders if his new guest at the exclusive Bundu Lodge, can stop him from beating about the bush, a habit since the alluring and toxic !La Bella Donna! screwed up his life. Thoughts of George keep invading Sam's tribal fantasies, and though the two are intensely attracted, they keep missing each other, filing their relationship under 'A Challenge'. Instead, it's a Swedish ex-porn star who ends up with the handsome Samburu warrior, starring reluctantly in her very own S&M movie. Her genius husband has little desire to facilitate her rescue, after finding his Swedish siren frolicking in a mud pool with three Texas billionaires who'd hoped to buy his magnificent Kenyan resort. This sexy rollicking romp follows the fortunes and misfortunes of these thoroughly modern characters in a primal situation, until a vacation full of sex and debauchery becomes a matter of life and death.

Sexual shenanigans of this CornPorn novel take place in the pilot's seat of a Gipsy Moth, and other classic collectibles including a Moto Guzzi's 850 Le Mans, a 1969 Land Rover Series IIA, an Indian and Ducati.

Customer Reviews

Scott Harney in Washington DC says:
"Beating Around the Bush is a new genre of writing - travel erotica. In the tradition of Anais Nin, this steamy book is written by women who collaborated together to come up with an erotic travelogue. Funny and raunchy, the book is steeped in the local culture. I found the book amusing and difficult to put down. I would highly recommend it, particularly for expats, travellers and sexual explorers."

L. Black in California says:
"The wacky, madcap characters of this book remind me of many people I encountered growing up in Kenya. Especially during teenage years, parents were want to lock up their daughters when certain male individuals came to town. Poor George, balancing duty with 'P'leasure. Someone I knew, perhaps? I won’t be kissing & telling. This easy read was a rollicking, bollocking good time."

B. Van Lit "OldDog" in London, England says:
"This review is from: Beating About the Bush (Kindle Edition) Had a great time reading this romp-fest, which, unlike 50 shades of Grey, actually means to be funny. The fun these ladies clearly had creating this book spills over into the writing itself, thoroughly entertaining and had us in fits of giggles at the double entendre!"
"But behind this slap-and-tickle and comedical book is actually a very well written yarn. I'm just gagging for more from these talented ladies."
"Read this with your partner at night, have a good laugh and maybe learn (or experiment with...) a new thing or two!" ;-)

SSmart in Dubai says:
"Viagra is for sissies after such an explosion of erotica."

Artgirl in New Mexico says:
"Beating About the Bush is a deep dive (pun intended), into the bodice ripper genre with an entirely different twist. If you blush easily, stay away. If you're looking for something to fill in the empty places of your life, and don't mind going out for a pack of ciggies, (even if you don't smoke), after your read, then go for it. Adventuresome women have lots to draw from, and these gals don't disappoint. Have a raunchy good time! And take notes."

Aria in Massachussettes says:
"What a rock hard read!"

Sir Clugs in England says:
"I downloaded this for some not-too-serious reading on holiday. A brilliant read with its hilarious variations of mischief in the bush. I could hardly put it down - though I did need to stop reading it on my Kindle on one long flight, the lady sitting beside me and reading over my elbow was getting too excited but unfortunately wasn't in the same class as the heroines of the story! Eagerly awaiting the sequel." GenieG in England says: "No shades of grey in this delightful light hearted romp, just full on technicolour excitement. Cleverly lifting the lid on what might happen in the African Bush this story kept me entertained from opening glimpse to final climax. Have the Foreplayers hit upon a winning formula? I think so - I loved it".

Cas Courcelles - author of Harlequin romances says:
"A right raunchy romp in an exotic location, with something for people of all sexual persuasions! 'Georgie and Samantha hanging from a tree, S-U-C-K-I-N-G...' Got a kick out of that!"

Lisa Thomas at says:
"Bound to please erotica readers looking for a little substance to the story-line. No matter what the situation, even some of the kinkier sex actions are written with a dollop of humour so as not to offend! Beating about the Bush is full blooded, red hot, raunchy fun. It's a quick and easy read. And the characters? They're quick and easy too!"

Carla King at MisAdventures says:
"Groping in the back seat is far too tame for this whacky novel, which treats us to a play-by-play of sexual misadventures in the pilot's seat of a Gipsy Moth, in a `69 Land Rover Series IIA, and featuring classic motorcycles, including a Moto Guzzi 850 Le Mans, an Indian, and a Ducati."

MplsMonkey says:
"These four fabulous women take you on many a steamy romp through the nether regions of exotic lands, far far away. Looking for a sexy, sultry and sometimes silly read, look no further! Enjoy!"

J. Cates says:
"Tired of reading maps and travelogues of Adventure Riders? Check out this new novel about the only other thing that matters...Love??? Maybe... Beating about the Bush, the title alone should get you more excited than starting up your $20,000 World Tourer and heading out to St*rbucks to get a Caramel Macchiato! Take it from these real Adventurers, they've packed it in for years researching everything along the way? Put down the actors memoirs, and get on with this new novel!"

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